Bridging the Gap with Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit funding bridges the gap between your immediate need for cash to pay your ongoing living expenses and the months – or maybe even a year or longer – it will take for your personal injury claim to settle. Lawsuit funding is a unique financial service that addresses the need that plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits have for cash to pay their bills while they wait for their lawsuits to settle or go to trial.

When you engaged an attorney to represent you, you did not have to pay any up-front expenses. Your attorney agreed to represent you on “contingency” basis. Your attorney agreed to be paid out of the settlement he secures for you. Should your attorney fail to secure a settlement or an award for you, you owe the attorney nothing.

Lawsuit funding works the same way. We are repaid when and if you either go to court and receive an award for your injuries, or you and your attorney reach an out-of-court settlement. And just as your attorney receives a portion of your settlement, your lawsuit funding balance is repaid by your attorney from those same funds. That is why there are no monthly payments.

Lawsuit funding is unique. There is no credit check and no employment verification because repayment of the funding is not based on your ability to repay it from your regular income. Instead, lawsuit funding is advanced based on an evaluation of a valid legal claim.

Most importantly, lawsuit funding is risk-free! There is no application fee and no other up-front costs or fees! 

To find out how much you can receive in funding for your lawsuit, apply online or call us at 888-959-3001.